V-thon stories
By Toby Carroll

Okay....here's my tale of Vulgarthon '98. (I was the guy who did craft service on Vulgar). I got the the fest pretty early-I anticipated a huge rush for parking, and figured that it was only through some fluke of luck that I was able to snag a 10-hour parking spot. I strolled over to 32 Monmouth, anticipating a line longer than the one that I stood on to get tickets for the Arts Center a few years ago. There wasn't one of those, either. After getting my shirt, I got a bit of coffee at No Ordinary Joe's, and say down on the curb and read about 180 pages of White Jazz. At around 10:30, the line outside the theatre started to coalesce, so I wandered over there, and resumed sitting on the curb and reading. It was there that I got interviewed very briefly by Brian Lynch and company (Brian: "What are you reading?" Me: "White Jazz." Brian: "What's it about?" Me: "Cops in LA." Brian: "That doesn't sound very View Askew." Me: "Yeah, but the main character's named Dave Klein." They left after that).

So, I got into the theatre, where it seemed like I was the only person that hadn't come in a group (though I ended up sitting with fellow Vulgar crew guy Ralph Lambiase for A Better Place & Drawing Flies). I got to see a bunch of people who I hadn't seen since the summer, which was pretty nifty. After everything had finished up, I asked if any help was needed, helped move some of the video equipment over to 32 Monmouth, and headed home. Yup-it was definitely worth it, and I can't wait until the next one. I wish I had gotten a bit more time to talk to some of the people who I hadn't seen in a while, but the fact that it was incredibly busy in there didn't exactly make it the best locale for catching up, in most cases.

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.