The Camera Man Has No Camera
By Robert Olsen

Okay, So go figure. I have about 400 pictures of nothing scattered throughout my photo albums. Pictures of the sky, traffic, mailmen delivering mail. I'm a photo junkie. I am excited as hell about Vulgarathon. But do I bring my camera? Oh no, not me, and what did I say that morning, "What am I gonna take pictures of? The Screen? Haha" Yeah, well, haha me. Was I ever the fool. I didn't realize that so many Askew legends would be there. I could have used three or four roles of film on Jason Lee, not to mention Carmen,(wow),alone. Ethan Suplee, Brian O., who I know by the way, I gave him my discount when I worked at Petco, HI BRIAN. Man, I may never get another chance to stand in the greatness of Mr. Lee. Forget Stan, Jason is the man. My girlfriend bitched me out for not bringing the camera too. So , Mr. White once told Jimmy Olsen,(no relation to me of course) "A good camera man eats with his camera, sleeps with his camera and...", um, well, you know the rest." Anyway, We had a great time despite my foul up. Plus, there is always The Dogmathon, right Kev?

- A loyal Fan - Robert Olsen

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.