By Jason-Guy

ummm, my story doesnt really involve the 'thon, so to speak. I was hanging out around town, and seeing as how I detest mexican food, and expensive mexican food, at that, I skipped out on Carlos O'Conner with everyone but CreamCorn. We went to a sub shop, and I ate in my car. We walked some more when low and behold, it was Jason (Mewes). We started talking about my video (which, god willing, everyone will see soon), and about Star Wars, comics, bullshit. And he's like "Loan me a bucks for cigarettes." The sucker I am, shelled out the loot.

Anyway, CC, Jason, and myself are walking around to bars, to see if any girls are around, Jay is killing us the whole time, we're walking, talking about rolling machines, and he says "All I knows is there's 3 of and 3 of those ladies over there." They heard him, turned around walked off fast. Jay says "Damn, now it's a fuckin' sausage party."

We're still doing laps around Broad, Monmouth and umm, that street at the end of Broad and the 4th intersecting Ave. We stroll past a chinese place, and Jay is kissing, and doing little 'eat out' exercizes with his tongue into the window of the place at these girls. fucking kills me. But then we meet up with out party, and he's like "I'll walk you to your car." What a gentleman. So we get to my car, and I go for my keys, I have none. The doors are locked, Jay starts laughing. "This happened to me once, dude. Call Triple A." I did. He stood there for 15 minutes giving me shit about locking my keys in my car. (I think HolyToads has some pics of us waiting) and then this guy comes, to get my keys out. And he's having some troubles seeing when BAM, Jay busts out a flashlight "Why do you carry that?" CreamCorn asked. Jay replied "In case I wanna read comics on a dark street. Or in case I'm in the woods with some bitch and I gotta drop." haha, the man got my keys out, and then Jay gave me shit for not tipping him. And maybe I would have... had I not loaned *someone* 3 bucks for cigs...

That's about it. Thanks for letting up put stuff, man.

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.