Vulgarthon: Journey to Red Bank
By Chris Melin

For my friend Corey and I, just being in Red Bank for the festivities was our biggest thrill. After beating the logistics of getting there from Minnesota (planes, trains, and automobiles (OK cabs), I remember the atmosphere of first walking around Red Bank--seeing the growing crowd outside the Stash; picking up out ticket/T-shirts; browsing at Jack's Music Shoppe; eating at a small cafe near the river; and finally getting into line at the Sony theatres.

We had decided that Theatre 2 was where we wanted to be, but ended up in Theatre 1. A local going into the hobby shop asked what the line was for and someone yelled out "Home Alone 3". Once inside we settled in for a marathon. The first suprise came when Kevin introduced the special guests. When Jason Lee came out, that made a cool event even cooler. It was great to see the films on the big screen with a large audience who got the jokes. It beat sitting alone in a theatre back home on the morning of July 4th, the only one there to see Chasing Amy.....yes, kinda pathetic I know.

"A Better Place" and "Drawing Flies" were the second surprises. Corey still laughs at the name "Dennis Pepper." Afterward there was a strange cab ride through the fog back to the Marriott.

All said, Vulgarthon was an incredible experience. It was refreshing to see that Kevin and all the Viewaskewers were very approachable and happy that you were there. My highlight came from a brief conversation with Kevin about filming Mallrats in Minnesota and about the way the critics here have not been too kind to him. I'm sure he was sick of requests for autographs and pictures, but he took the time to talk with me--total class.

Thanks again to all at Viewaskew and hopefully there will be a Vulgarthon '99.

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.