My Excellent Adventure
By Bob Dugan

I can honestly be the first one to actually say I live pretty damn close to Red Bank, New Jersey. Reading those stories of people coming from Boston and Minnesota I think to myself Jesus Christ go rent the fuckin' movies for God's sake! But I guess once a fan always a fan. Me myself, I live outside of Philly and drove up and back the same day of the fest, got a good seat, missed Drawing Flies but don't mind much cuz I haven't heard any positive reviews on it so far. The best part wasn't watching the movies but was watching what K. Smith and Mewes and Lee had to say. I shook Lee and Brian O'Halloran's hands which was cool. Brian seemed really nice and some fan actually asked him for directions...he's Dante for gods sake. Lee on the other hand seemed like he was on acid or zanies or some shit...guy was in his own fuckin' world backed up against the wall like a dog. Oh yeah, and I got a parking ticket. Anyway the fest was cool and I didn't have any marriot adventures but it was cool to see the sights and check out the Stash.

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Special Thanks to: Scott Benner and Luke Robinson. Photos "borrowed" from Scott Benner and Luke Robinson.