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Posted by OU1313 at on May 05, 2004 at 01:36:33:

In Reply to: My thoughts on Jersey Girl Box Office posted by VulgarisMagic on May 05, 2004 at 00:11:55:

: Jersey Girl should have been released either at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The sad fact is that The Passion took most of the money from all of these pictures and by the time it started to fall new movies came in.

I don't know that I would call that a sad fact. Passion was Gibson's "Everest" if you will. It was a big flick, it got big box office. There was a lot of talk, it didn't need the advertising most flicks needed cuz it got more media just for being contraversial. Free press man, you can't argue with that. Kev could have gone out and gut punched Ben post break up to get that kind of press, but he happens to be a better friend than that. However, I do agree that it should have come out way back against the Matrix when it was originally slotted.

: To me Jersey Girl is a $100 Million + movie. I really liked it and it touched many hearts. I was saddened that much of the advertising for the movie ended after the first weekend.

I think you're dellusional if you honestly believe this was a 100 million plus movie. I love Kev too, but really...this was at best a 50 million dollar pic.

: I just hate seeing Kevin getting screwed. Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and now Jersey Girl.

He's a big boy, and he's still learning. No matter how much us board folk want to believe he is the end all know all in the movie biz his career still has many lessons and many highlights to come.

: Mallrats - didn't get to include scenes he wanted/language he wanted, poor advertising.

He was a young director that the studio felt they could bully around. Kev had a lot of money to play with. Mistakes get made. He may have been screwed in your eyes, but sophmore efforts tend to fair poorly for the same reasons again and again.

: Dogma - no one wanted to distribute his Opus...Catholic League boycotts and protests...this is still my favorite Kevin Smith Movie.

Really, we would like to believe all of this hullabaloo, but Dogma stood on it's own two feet. No it didn't box office like Holyfield, but it did well enough. I think if it had stayed closer to the original draft of the script it would have done better, but that's just one more opinion.

: Jay and Silent Bob - Who can forget the "sneak preview" debacle...still a funnier movie than American Pie 2

J&SBSB was for us. Pure and simple. It's my least favorite movie. I appreciate the thought he had behind it but not much more. It did well enough in my book.

: and finally Jersey Girl

: This is the quintessential holiday movie Thanksgiving to should have come out last year...honest and truly

Agreed it should have come out last year, but I think you should be more careful with the word quintessential.

: Poor Advertising after opening weekend - I wouldnt have known about it if I missed the ads after the first weekend.

Even Kev would disagree with you there. I don't think the ads that had people talking about the flick after seeing it helped though. It was campy and annoying.

: So yes I rant and rave...but its all about love man...

I've got a great deal of love for the man, but rose colored glasses don't equal a good rant.

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