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Posted by Smalls at on May 04, 2004 at 22:29:38:

In Reply to: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Boondoggle on May 04, 2004 at 18:52:59:

: 1.Favourite episode?

The one where they explain why people invariably want their sitcoms to turn into goddamn soap operas.

: 2. Have you watched it these last ten years?

A few times. It was like a steel-beaked parakeet pecking at my brain.

: 3. Has it worn out its welcome?

From episode one.

: 4. Ever have anything happen with your own set of friends that was in any way like a plot in the show?

Sure, all my friends are waiters with 700,000 square foot apartments in mid-town Manhattan who structure our lives around romantic misunderstandings.

: 5. Monica, Rachel or Pheobe?

A knee to my groin.

: 6. Ross, Chandler, or Joey?

A dagger in my heart.

: 7. Who will have the best post-Friends career?

The one married to Brad Pitt... because when she divorces him, she'll get all kinds of publicity and a career boost.

Unlike the one married to the dude from READY TO RUMBLE. He'll bring her down as fast as he brought down WCW.

: 8. Remember any of those many shows that NBC would put on between Friends and Seinfeld? (specifically the bad short-lived ones)

Oh, I'm sure they were hip and kicky.

: 9. Could there BE anymore questions?

Here's mine. And I'm serious.

Why would you ever watch a sitcom to "see what happens" to the relationships of the characters? Isn't that the hallmark of a bad half-hour comedy, when it has to fall back on "very special episodes" "hallmark events" and "will-they won't-they" bullshit?

There's any number of dramatic series and films out there. Why start "falling for" and "caring about" the characters in the comedy series?

That's why Seinfeld had it right. No learning, no hugging.


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