Man, you're pretty whingey.

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Posted by Tom (POJK) at on May 04, 2004 at 21:51:29:

In Reply to: Re: Columbo's on the case. posted by Jami on May 04, 2004 at 20:17:54:

: I have a tv and a computer in my bedroom. I usually have the tv on while I'm surfing the internet. Right now I have Bonanza on cause it's either this or that moron Ryan Seacrest. I don't play music because my tastes differ from my brother's and he'll come in and make fun of me. Wish the alcholic asshole was still in jail.

-- ...uh... alright.

: And does the fact I am UNHAPPY on American soil but I am HAPPY AND FULLFILLED on British soil worth nothing to you? I'm so fucking sick and tired of people not listening. I know what I know deep down in my soul. Same way a person knows if they're gay or straight. Same way a person knows they're in love - true love if it exists. You don't like the fact I don't think America's the greatest place in the world then you can fuck off. I want to go to where I'm HAPPY, okay? So shut up. Right now I'm sacrificing for my mom's happiness, including applying for a job at Disneyland where I do NOT want to work - she knows I want to get a job at Universal Studios and move to LA. But as soon as I have money I'm getting the hell out of the US and nothing you or anyone else says can change my mind. I'm going to go where I know in my soul where I'm happy. Not stay here where my soul is getting sucked away. And it's not just the people. It's also the land and the weather. I hate sunshine. I love the rain. I look at pictures of England and I feel HOMESICK. Even sitting in my own bedroom I think the words "I want to go home." And England IS home. So leave me to my happiness and such the fuck up. I hear enough of this shit from my mom.

-- Leave you to your happiness? All you do is moan. And by saying you hate sunshine, you sounds like Mad Madam Mimm from 'The Sword in the Stone', which is weird and scary. I hope Merlin turns into some disease and infects you with it, that'd teach you not to turn into a purple cat.

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