Re: Columbo's on the case.

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Posted by Jami at on May 04, 2004 at 20:17:54:

In Reply to: Re: Columbo's on the case. posted by Tom (POJK) on May 04, 2004 at 20:00:48:

I have a tv and a computer in my bedroom. I usually have the tv on while I'm surfing the internet. Right now I have Bonanza on cause it's either this or that moron Ryan Seacrest. I don't play music because my tastes differ from my brother's and he'll come in and make fun of me. Wish the alcholic asshole was still in jail.

And does the fact I am UNHAPPY on American soil but I am HAPPY AND FULLFILLED on British soil worth nothing to you? I'm so fucking sick and tired of people not listening. I know what I know deep down in my soul. Same way a person knows if they're gay or straight. Same way a person knows they're in love - true love if it exists. You don't like the fact I don't think America's the greatest place in the world then you can fuck off. I want to go to where I'm HAPPY, okay? So shut up. Right now I'm sacrificing for my mom's happiness, including applying for a job at Disneyland where I do NOT want to work - she knows I want to get a job at Universal Studios and move to LA. But as soon as I have money I'm getting the hell out of the US and nothing you or anyone else says can change my mind. I'm going to go where I know in my soul where I'm happy. Not stay here where my soul is getting sucked away. And it's not just the people. It's also the land and the weather. I hate sunshine. I love the rain. I look at pictures of England and I feel HOMESICK. Even sitting in my own bedroom I think the words "I want to go home." And England IS home. So leave me to my happiness and such the fuck up. I hear enough of this shit from my mom.

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