NEVER order a Girls Gone Wild video

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Posted by mlc at on May 03, 2004 at 19:10:07:

In short: Back in March my roomate and I were sitting around, late at night, and saw this infomercial for a Girls Gone Wild video which was $9.99. We think, "Hell, we'll order one. You always hear about those videos, we'll split it, watch it, have a laugh, put them away somewhere and forget about them."

So a couple of weeks later it comes, we watch it, we get a kick out of it, la di da, it's thrown in a drawer somewhere. Granted, there are better things that I could spend ten bucks on, but it was some cheap entertainment for a night and the ten bucks didn't break the bank.

The mistake I made was putting it on my credit card, and having the roommate pay me half in cash. Reason is that when you buy a video, you are added to this continuing program where videos are sent every month and your credit card is automatically billed. Needless to say, this fact was very well hidden on the website. End result: The company isn't responding to me, and judging by their file with the Better Business Bureau, they aren't going to.

Although this is off topic, I wanted to mention this so everyone out there who is possibly thinking of ordering anything from an online retailer, or more specifically Mantra Films, can

1) Check out the site with beforehand.
2) Just plain not order anything from Girls Gone Wild. They're crooks who make their money out of duping boneheads like me with shitty "reality."

Fuck them, I will make them eat my shit, then they'll shit out my shit, and I'll make them eat that shit, etc. etc. etc..

Vive legit, straight foreward online retailers, like Amazon and, of course, Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, located in picturesq Red Bank, NJ.

That is all. You are dismissed.

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