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Posted by mlc at on May 03, 2004 at 20:56:27:

In Reply to: Re: NEVER order a Girls Gone Wild video posted by TexasJediPimp on May 03, 2004 at 20:02:33:

: To be honest and Im not being a dickhead but they pretty much tell you that on the commercials. They tell you that you can "cancel anytime" which is ALWAYS a redflag for me, I got caught up in that columbia house racket, but where I got lucky was that I wasn't yet 18 at the time and therefore not legally bound to the agreement that was made(which they broke by not letting me cancel anyway) and I actually was awarded some cash in a class action suit against the company which is the only way you will see your money back. But then again who wants to be known as the "unsatisfied perv" who suid Girls Gone Wild. ;-)

Well, see, it isn't even about the money. As long as I don't get charged for yet another video. I can take a hit knowing that it was me that screwed up.

Not that I don't want my money back. I e-mailed them and complained to the company that processed their credit card orders. If neither of those work, I guess I'll have to reconsider what's next.

Plus I have no problem being known as the "unsatisfied perv." My girlfriend knew about it and didn't care, so there's no-one else to hide it from.

Except my parents. Oh crap, yes, the parents. My mother would have a heart attack.

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