Seeing Tarantino

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Posted by Gabe at on January 16, 2004 at 02:48:42:

In Reply to: On the Set of KILL BILL posted by tommybruce on January 16, 2004 at 01:42:51:

in action would be damn near orgasmic. When I saw him on Leno I couldn't help but be reminded of how my friend Shawn and I were when we worked at this shitty video store called All Star that was directly across the street from a place called Bounty Land QUICKSTOP (Coincidence? .. Of course).. I used to lock the store and joke with Jared and Ryan about people walking up to the doors and getting pissed 'cause they were locked. Funny story..

Once I was doing that. I was standing in front of one of the registers talking to Opie (Ryan) when we see this guy pull up in a car. He gets out of his car.. Walks to the door.. Sees a sign that says "Will be back in five minutes".. He procedes to try and open the door. We laugh. He gets back in his car. Five minutes go by.. He gets out of his car and tries again.. We die laughing.. The guy looks pissed, he kicks the front door and gets back in his car. He flies in to the parking lot of the quickstop and gets out all huffy. When he walked in the stoor he was like "Do either of you know who runs that place across the street?!" .. We're both like "No, sir.".. He says .. "If I ever find out.. I'll give him a piece of my mind".. We both (Opie and I) proceed to tell him that the guy that works there is a jerk off.. It was funny stuff, I guess you'd have had to been there.

Anyway.. I say that he reminds me of us I guess 'cause he used to work at a shitty video store and the way he's so passionate about film is how we were when we worked there. We'd get all worked up over the ending of a shitty movie and once or twice refused to let people rent shitty flicks. Good times.


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