On the Set of KILL BILL

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Posted by tommybruce at 24-205-17-138.mpk-eres.charterpipeline.net on January 16, 2004 at 01:42:51:

One day me and my dad are driving and we see a sign that says 'MANCHU this way'. I knew this was the code word for the crew cause of AICN. I didnt thin I'd see anything good when we turned the block and saw Quention standing on the lawn. I was like "LOOK DAD!" and he was like "WHERE" and I swear he almost ran over vivica a fox, cause she was crossing the street as he was looking else where. I immeadiatly got out and looked around. Uma and Vivica were there. Along with some stuntmen. They were using the house as Vivica's. And parked outside was the actual PUSSY WAGON. It was weird to see it, cause i didnt know what the hell it was. I took a pic of it and secrutiy told me to stop. Quentin took a few pics with fans and as he walked by I got to shake his hand and say "Loved Pulp Man" He said "cool man, thanks alot" He was tall. Anyway, he walked into the house and you could see through the open doorway as he yelled ACTION and CUT. It was surreal. I was watching the man direct a movie! Anyway, I didnt get an autograph, for lack of pen. He was there for the rest of the week and a year to the DAY later, the movie came out. It was pretty cool, to say the least.

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