This IS bull shit.

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Posted by Press Whore at on January 15, 2004 at 15:43:00:

In Reply to: If you have a Pit Bull and you are moving to... posted by Beardown99 on January 15, 2004 at 14:50:25:

My brother had a pit-bull who just recently died. She was the sweetest dog ever. A little nuts at times- but not in an angry way at all. Just playful nuts. Anyway, some neighbor of his once said she bit their small dog, which my brother said could not be true because she was in the yard the entire day. He was watching her. Either way, animal control said he had to get rid of her. Instead, he dyed her fur a different color and kept her. There was never a problem after that.

Then, there's my German Shepherd. She's the sweetest dog on the planet! Loves to give kisses and loves to chase her ball. I live in a two family flat and we rent the downstairs unit out. Our tenants had a dog that Adi played with all the time. However, they had a friend over that brought a tiny Yorkie with them. Our lease says no more than one dog is allowed on the property by the tenants. So, I went to let Adi (my dog) outside which means going down the back stairs past the tenant's door which, unfortunatly, was slightly open. Adi poked her nose on it and it swung open letting the tenant's dog and the Yokie out. Adi had never seen the Yorkie before and wasn't properly introduced, so she chased after it thinking it was an intruder or maybe a rat! It fell down our stairs and supposedly broke it's jaw, though I never saw a vet bill for the surgery the tenant's friend told us about. Not more than two days leter, however, animal control was at my door. Even though I offered to pay the vet bills, and we agreed that he shouldn't have had his dog there, anyway, the bastard called animal control. They wanted to make sure Adi had her shots and then there was to be an investigation as to whether or not she had bitten the little Yorkie. (If Adi HAD bitten him, I think it would have been obvious, since her mouth is about the size of the entire dog.) If they prooved it, they would have taken her away from us. I assume they couldn't proove anything (duh- she didn't bite the little rat), and I never heard from them again.

I guess my point is that people overreact to certain breeds. They hear "stories" and think all dogs of a particular breed are the same as the probably ficticious story they've heard. Dogs are not that much different from people. You don't hate all African-Americans because you heard a story about one that killed someone, do you?? And dogs are not that much different from kids. It's all in how you raise them. Don't blame the dog. Blame the owner.

Oh, and incidently, I was bitten on the head by a golden retreiver when I was a kid, but I'm not scared of all Goldens. And I was also snapped at by a Chow mix, but I'm not about to tell the city to get rid of all Chows. That's just stupid.

: Chicago, you may have to sell your dog. Now this is Bull chit because you cannot blame the dog for the problem its the owners fault in this matter. I know a couple people who own pitbulls and they are the nicest dogs and fun to play with. Aldermans are such a waste of tax payers money, well at least around here.

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