Chasing Amy

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Posted by Angellus at on January 18, 2004 at 19:51:31:

It's - 12:41 - in merry old Blightly, and yours truly is still very much awake. While all my mates sleep (the burdon of exams being equivilent to the burdon of the One Ring) I stay awake, talking to people I've never met before.

I just thought I'd write down about the film that has inspired me more than any other - Chasing Amy. I remember watching this when I was a brattish seventeen year old (as opposed to a brattish eighteen going on nineteen year old). Actually, I watched MallRats and Chasing Amy back to back.

Mallrats was the clincher for me. Dogma was sporodically hilarious and moving - sadly never mixing the balance perfectly for me - but Mallrats was a triumpth of sharp wit and stoner jokes. It felt like American Pie mixed with the broader strokes of John Hughes/John Landis. To this day my favourite Smith character is Brodie - the wise-cracking uber comic nerd who gets the girl and gets to punch Ben Affleck (only kidding guys, Affleck is a solid actor and rocked as my man Daredevil.)

But Chasing Amy was, cathartic for me. After watching it I was silenced for about an hour. All these thoughts ran through me head - questions of who I was and what did I want from life. Few films have had that effect on me, and none have been quite as memorable and spiritual as 'the one least likely' (to quote Miss Alyssa Jones.)

I guess that's it. I'll be on the board for about an hour if ya wanna chat the breeze.


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