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Posted by fluffy at on January 18, 2004 at 13:15:29:

In Reply to: Here's an update of my life lately... posted by Kevin on January 18, 2004 at 09:36:20:

: And, no: none of this includes the Big News.

: - Col/Tristar and I are making "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder."
Plans now
: include a possible taping at the U of Berkeley show, coming up in April, as well as
: Wizard Con L.A. (well, Long Beach, really) March 20th. We'll be adding two more
: schools soon, including a possible Toronto taping. If anyone goes to a college
that'd like to
: host a Q&A and be featured in the program, give Auburn Moon a shout.

: - Just taped another episode of "Dinner for Five" the other night. Aside from Favs,
it was
: me, Carlin, Stephen Root, and Jason Biggs (Affleck was out of the country, doing
: press). Fun stuff.

: - We've narrowed the Secret Stash West down to one store in Westwood. Offer
went in on
: Friday. I'll let you know what happens. Plans are to open in May/June with
another Stash
: Bash. Might try to tie that in with a Vulgarthon as well, being that there's a pretty
: theater right around the block from the potential Stash.

: - After the "Dogma" Inaction Figures, "Strike Back" is next. Have seen the designs
on the
: potential figs, and they're pretty fucking cool. Maybe I'll post 'em. Next up is either
: or "The Cartoon" line (which would feature Leonardo Leonardo, Mr. Plug, and
Bear Who
: Drives Car).

: - Looks like I'm doing a MadTV taping in February for a March airing.

: - The 3D VA logo for the opening of "Jersey Girl" is coming along nicely. Chris
Bailey is a
: mad genius.

: - We're locked and loaded on "Jersey Girl." The junket is in NYC the weekend of
March 5th
: (which was why I had to drop out of the Orlando MegaCon), and the premiere is in
NYC on
: March 9th, I'm hearing. There'll be a Paulsboro screening around that time as
well, and a
: benefit screening for the Kenny Gordon Foundation too (Exec Producer Jon
: memorial to his brother). The following week, I think I'm headed down to Texas for
a "JG"
: screening to benefit the Austin Film Society. We did one for "Strike Back" before it
came out
: and it was a great screening/Q&A. Not sure about a board screening yet, but the
: Gordon screening will be open to the public, with the cast in attendance.

: - The week of the opening is shaping up to be "Jersey Girl" week on "The Tonight
: Carlin's already booked for the 17th. I'll be on that week, and Ben as well, I'd
imagine. Liv
: and Raquel too.

: - John Pierson's "Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes" is getting a re-release, under
the new
: title "Spike, Mike Reloaded." I penned a new intro for it, as well as did another
dialogue with
: John to update all that's happened in Indie film since '96. Check it out when it hits
stands in
: a few weeks.

: - The "Clerks X" DVD is coming along nicely. A new addition: the guys at
: Animation are bringing "The Lost Scene" to life in the cartoon style. Hopefully,
we'll be
: recording the dialogue with Brian, Jeff, and Joey next week. If you've never read
the story
: (and shame on you if you haven't) it's still available at the Online Stash, I believe.

: - Speaking of the Online Stash, Pt 1: some keen eyes have noticed their stuff's
: shipping from Florida. That's because we've moved the merch down there. After
five years,
: Bryan opted out of running the merch department to concentrate on his next film,
so I
: turned it over to my brother and his man Jerry down in Florida. As my Mom lives
near them,
: she's been working it too. So if you find some hand-written notes in your
packages, that's
: my Mom's doing (she used to do the same thing with my lunches when I was in
: school). It's become a real family affair.

: - Speaking of the Online Stash, Pt. 2: that "Dueling Personas of Kevin Smith" book
is a great
: read. If you're even remotely interested in an academic take on me and the
movies, pick it
: up. You guys figure prominently in it.

: - And aside from the fact that I'm nursing a nasty little hemorrhoid at the moment,
: about all that's going on.

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