Here's an update of my life lately...

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Posted by Kevin at on January 18, 2004 at 09:36:20:

And, no: none of this includes the Big News.

- Col/Tristar and I are making "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder." Plans now
include a possible taping at the U of Berkeley show, coming up in April, as well as the
Wizard Con L.A. (well, Long Beach, really) March 20th. We'll be adding two more locations/
schools soon, including a possible Toronto taping. If anyone goes to a college that'd like to
host a Q&A and be featured in the program, give Auburn Moon a shout.

- Just taped another episode of "Dinner for Five" the other night. Aside from Favs, it was
me, Carlin, Stephen Root, and Jason Biggs (Affleck was out of the country, doing "Paycheck"
press). Fun stuff.

- We've narrowed the Secret Stash West down to one store in Westwood. Offer went in on
Friday. I'll let you know what happens. Plans are to open in May/June with another Stash
Bash. Might try to tie that in with a Vulgarthon as well, being that there's a pretty good
theater right around the block from the potential Stash.

- After the "Dogma" Inaction Figures, "Strike Back" is next. Have seen the designs on the
potential figs, and they're pretty fucking cool. Maybe I'll post 'em. Next up is either "Amy"
or "The Cartoon" line (which would feature Leonardo Leonardo, Mr. Plug, and Bear Who
Drives Car).

- Looks like I'm doing a MadTV taping in February for a March airing.

- The 3D VA logo for the opening of "Jersey Girl" is coming along nicely. Chris Bailey is a
mad genius.

- We're locked and loaded on "Jersey Girl." The junket is in NYC the weekend of March 5th
(which was why I had to drop out of the Orlando MegaCon), and the premiere is in NYC on
March 9th, I'm hearing. There'll be a Paulsboro screening around that time as well, and a
benefit screening for the Kenny Gordon Foundation too (Exec Producer Jon Gordon's
memorial to his brother). The following week, I think I'm headed down to Texas for a "JG"
screening to benefit the Austin Film Society. We did one for "Strike Back" before it came out
and it was a great screening/Q&A. Not sure about a board screening yet, but the Kenny
Gordon screening will be open to the public, with the cast in attendance.

- The week of the opening is shaping up to be "Jersey Girl" week on "The Tonight Show."
Carlin's already booked for the 17th. I'll be on that week, and Ben as well, I'd imagine. Liv
and Raquel too.

- John Pierson's "Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes" is getting a re-release, under the new
title "Spike, Mike Reloaded." I penned a new intro for it, as well as did another dialogue with
John to update all that's happened in Indie film since '96. Check it out when it hits stands in
a few weeks.

- The "Clerks X" DVD is coming along nicely. A new addition: the guys at Powerhouse
Animation are bringing "The Lost Scene" to life in the cartoon style. Hopefully, we'll be
recording the dialogue with Brian, Jeff, and Joey next week. If you've never read the story
(and shame on you if you haven't) it's still available at the Online Stash, I believe.

- Speaking of the Online Stash, Pt 1: some keen eyes have noticed their stuff's been
shipping from Florida. That's because we've moved the merch down there. After five years,
Bryan opted out of running the merch department to concentrate on his next film, so I
turned it over to my brother and his man Jerry down in Florida. As my Mom lives near them,
she's been working it too. So if you find some hand-written notes in your packages, that's
my Mom's doing (she used to do the same thing with my lunches when I was in grade
school). It's become a real family affair.

- Speaking of the Online Stash, Pt. 2: that "Dueling Personas of Kevin Smith" book is a great
read. If you're even remotely interested in an academic take on me and the movies, pick it
up. You guys figure prominently in it.

- And aside from the fact that I'm nursing a nasty little hemorrhoid at the moment, that's
about all that's going on.

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