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Posted by Chicago at 12-248-92-149.client.attbi.com on August 22, 2003 at 20:06:10:

Ok.. I have never seen jaws (call me stupid or call me 20) and I have never read the book jaws. But a teacher who teached me good english in high school said that the book sucked compared to the movie. He said that right in the middle was a super long love scene that took up almost a third of the book that was completely unessecary. (did i spell that wrong?) So this brings me to the next topic of nondiscussion. I DID see Shawshank Redemption and my brother read the book. He says that compared to the movie, the book sucked... (notice the trend of this post?) He said in the book, there were at least three wardens in the book... so you couldn't really get attached (or at least build up hate for) any one warden. And it didn't leave as much room for character development. And the story wasn't as cool. (Sorry stephen... it's just an opinion.) anyway... any of you out there in postland agree? and... what other movies can you think of where the movie is better than the book? Of course... I really am a fan of the whole book-better-than-movie thing... but I'm fishing for those rare instances. Ok, take it easy...

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