I just saw a wicked car accident......

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Posted by Elorah Dannan at h0040d02a0bab.ne.client2.attbi.com on August 24, 2003 at 11:05:38:

I was sitting at a stop light turning left into the shopping plaza. So, I'm waiting and waiting.....Then I see this guy start crossing the road. This road is a 5 lane main street known for being a drag stip for the kids. So he gets half way across and stops, which is good because I see a Jeep coming up in my direction doing about 40 and it doesn't look like it was going to stop. Just then the guy starts to run across the street and BAM!!!! The guy flies over the hood hits the winshield with his head and starts to tumble over the top and then he came back down the windshield over the hood and tumbled to the ground. I sat there for a second wondering if what just happened really happened. I fumbled to find my hazzard lights (never did find them) and threw my car in park jumped out which I strangled myself cause I still had my seatbelt, so I un-did the belt and grabbed my cell phone and started to call 911. I noticed that someone else stopped and he was already on the phone so I ran back to my car to get a few blankets. I crouched down next to the guy and asked him what hurt the most.....He moaned a bit and said lower back hurts. I would of thought his head because he had a gash just ooozing blood. I look at the LADY DRIVER and she said...I didn't see him, I didn't see him. She kneels down next to me and starts begging the guy for forgiveness. The guy was real cool about it and said don't worry. I told him that he should really be lying still. The next thing I know, his mother comes into the picture. She's trying to move him and I grabbed her and said ma'am, don't touch him. I felt so bad that a mother had to see her son like this. It almost made me start to cry right there. So another woman came on the scene and said she was a nurse. Immediately I backed off, because hell....she knows more about this than me. So I stood back next to a few guys and one of them turned to me and said....Can you believe what you just saw. And I smiled and said that I had to sit in my car for a second, blah, blah, blah. He said he did the same thing.

So, the cops came and asked who were the witnesses. The driver pointed to me and I told them the story mentioned above. 2 things I feel guilty about.....I could of beeped my horn or something to get his attention....And not getting out of my car fast enough.

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