I used to say the same thing..

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Posted by Gabe at on August 24, 2003 at 11:30:39:

In Reply to: hey man, you did what you could. posted by The Bastard on August 24, 2003 at 11:11:02:

: but you can't blame yourself here. I mean, that guy should watch where the fuck he's walking, and the woman should have watched where the fuck she was driving.

Especialy when people pull out in front of other people. But about two months ago I was leaving the parking lot of a gas station, pulling back on to the highway. It's a smaller four lane with a speed limit of about 55. I was sitting there waiting to enter traffic when a tanker truck who needed to pull in to the gas station stopped in the lane closest to me and motioned for me to come out. I saw that he was looking in his mirror to make sure nothing was coming, then I glanced to my right to make sure no other traffic was coming then pulled out (I was going left). Just then, when I hit the lane right next to the truck a lady broad sided me at around 65, luckily I was in my truck which is slightly higher off the ground than her car. When she hit me the front end of her car went under my truck, lifted it three or four feet off the ground, spun me around twice and somehow I wound up in a parking lot a half a block down on the other side of the street. So yeah, I don't really consider that to be my fault, even though I guess in retrospect I should have waited until I knew for a fact nothing was coming. I don't generaly jump to the conclusion that the person wasn't watching where the fuck he/she was going, because ya' never know.

Wow, that was one pointless long-winded response.. Shutting up now..


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