uh cant Indy

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Posted by NJStatuteSection2A170/51 at ac8abbe9.ipt.aol.com on August 23, 2003 at 23:33:20:

In Reply to: Indiana Jones's dilemma question..... posted by Eyes Only on August 23, 2003 at 23:14:16:

just swing from his whip? or at least give it to her to hang on to as he pushes her over....

: OK, you are Indiana Jones and you are having another exiting adventure *pauses for ghostly IJ theme*...

: You have just narrowly escaped on you own from a gang of cutthroat piratical types who are holed up on a tropical island. Your route of escape lies only via a tatty, unsafe looking rope bridge, very much like the one in 'Temple of Doom', except that this one is very, very , very narrow, and is extremely long, the far end lost in the torpid vapours rising from the sluggish stream in the chasm below.

: You start to cross the bridge. As you approach the middle, you discern a figure approaching... As it nears you, you can see it is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen - AND SHE IS STARK NAKED.

: Now, there is no way you can pass each other on this narrow bridge and for you to turn back means certain death. Here is the dilemma....

: Should you block her passage or merely toss yourself off?

: (remember - I'm a Brit!)

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