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Posted by Heather~Fluent in Typo~ at on August 22, 2003 at 10:57:36:

In Reply to: Re: New reality Tv Poll posted by CorporateSlutSophisticated on August 22, 2003 at 10:43:46:

: : 1- There is a new reality tv show featuring me, called "who wants to date the smart fat chick"
: : how would you woo me (if you are male, females need not apply, but can answer for a fictional chubby male)?

: ~I have a vagina.

OMG!! rotflol

: : 2-A new real world/big brother type show is comeing out, all celeberties, and you, and you get to choose them who would you choose?

: ~Johnny Depp
: ~Kevin McDonald
: ~Kevin Smith
: ~Bob Dole
: ~Elvis Costello
: ~Faruza Balk
: ~Jason Lee
: ~Helena Bonham Carter
: ~John Malkovich
: ~French Stewart

i love fairuza Balk!

oh and i woulkd have jason lee in my house too lol

: : 4-Shopping reality, give rich women the kind of money a normal housewife has, make her feed and clothe her family, introducer her to wal-mart, what else would you challnge her with?

: ~Hahahahaha! that sounds great. I'd challenge her to get a boufant hairdo and wear pink spandex for a month. I'd put her in a setting of a double wide home, a husband with a mustard stained wife beater on sitting in the recliner with a greasy bucket of KFC between his legs, tv blaring, dog barking, kids screaming, next door neighbors outside with the police and the COPS cameras because of " domestic abuse"... man, I'd go all out on that ho.


: :
: : 5-Sex reality. A reality show that featured married couples of different year amounts showing what their sex life is really like. Would you watch?

: ~Sweets, they already have that. It's called Real Sex on HBO.

No they arent realisitc enough....

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