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Posted by CorporateSlutSophisticated at on August 22, 2003 at 10:43:46:

In Reply to: New reality Tv Poll posted by Heather~Fluent in Typo~ on August 22, 2003 at 10:31:24:

: 1- There is a new reality tv show featuring me, called "who wants to date the smart fat chick"
: how would you woo me (if you are male, females need not apply, but can answer for a fictional chubby male)?

~I have a vagina.

: 2-A new real world/big brother type show is comeing out, all celeberties, and you, and you get to choose them who would you choose?

~Johnny Depp
~Kevin McDonald
~Kevin Smith
~Bob Dole
~Elvis Costello
~Faruza Balk
~Jason Lee
~Helena Bonham Carter
~John Malkovich
~French Stewart

Why only three women and one presidental hopeful who only made it as far as senator? Because sexual frustration and politics causes drama, and we all love our drama.

: 3-Survivor New York? Good idea? Give them no money and make them find a way to survive in the city. What kinda challanges should they have?

~ Bad idea. The wino's seem to do fine. I mean, if you've been to New York, do you ever see a dead frozen wino? I never have. I see them in the same spot everyday looking fat and healthy and wanting my bread.

: 4-Shopping reality, give rich women the kind of money a normal housewife has, make her feed and clothe her family, introducer her to wal-mart, what else would you challnge her with?

~Hahahahaha! that sounds great. I'd challenge her to get a boufant hairdo and wear pink spandex for a month. I'd put her in a setting of a double wide home, a husband with a mustard stained wife beater on sitting in the recliner with a greasy bucket of KFC between his legs, tv blaring, dog barking, kids screaming, next door neighbors outside with the police and the COPS cameras because of " domestic abuse"... man, I'd go all out on that ho.

: 5-Sex reality. A reality show that featured married couples of different year amounts showing what their sex life is really like. Would you watch?

~Sweets, they already have that. It's called Real Sex on HBO.

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