Future Bob and Jay

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Posted by mudshovel5 at peterborough-ppp281479.sympatico.ca on August 09, 2003 at 20:38:23:

Hey Kevin. I'd like to first off saying that I'm a big fan. You probably get that all the time but since it's my first post I figured I'd let you know. Anyways, now on to my question(s).
1. I was wondering if you think Jason or yourself would ever seek seperate careers and try acting in movies not as the Jay and Bob characters. Now I know you had a cameo in Daredevil but I wondered if you thought about writing a movie where you and maybe Jay as well came back but as different characters?
2. Was it Ben's idea to cast his future wife Jennifer Lopez as the leading female in Jersey Girl or if it was your idea?
3. When you started making Clerks did you have ideas for Mallrats or maybe Chasing Amy but you decided to make Clerks because it might be a good first impression or it was cheaper to make?
That's all for now, I don't know how this works like if you post the answers or they get emailed back, or if it's even you who does so I guess I'll just keep coming back to this site more times then I already do.

- Tristan

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