OMG! I am sooo laughing my fuckin ass off...

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Posted by cokechic at on August 12, 2003 at 03:27:43:

I know I didn't just scroll down the board and find that Slavei actually posted his income!
Now, I'm not usually mean to anyone on this board... and try to hold back as much as possible on those who I feel are complete morons. But, I just can't on this. This is TOO fuckin sad and funny at the same time! Especially because he loves to get all up in my shit and everyone elses about useless posts... Good god he is a tool. I wish I were on when he posted that.

I mean, that he posted it cracks me up.
But, the fact that he thinks he make a lot of money is even funnier. I know teachers who make more! Not that I'm downing anyones job or income... I've been down on my luck a few times and know how hard it is. But if you are going to throw income in someones face, you better make some bank! $42,000 and change ain't what I'd call high rollin, my friend.

Slavei... if you read this don't EVER come at me about stupid posts or how I don't get it... or whatever other pathetic bullshit you come up with to argue me about. I will slaughter you. This gives me a lifetime of arguementative material.

Man... STILL laughing my ass off!!!!

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