Alot of this has to do with where you are....

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Posted by Chuck-D at on August 12, 2003 at 04:18:05:

In Reply to: Damn posted by Heather~This Space For Rent~ on August 12, 2003 at 03:53:29:

In NYC, 42 grand can keep one person off the streets and that's about it. In East Bumfuck FL you could own a house, a couple cars and raise some kids. I have a nice apt in a nice area, in St. Pete, two bedrooms for 900. In NYC that wouldn't rent a closet in the 'hood.

And taxes by job and by area matter too: I pay almost no taxes (I get tax-free allowances for 30% of my income, plus while I'm in a combat zone I don't pay any income tax) so I keep more of my pre-tax money, effectivly raising my apparent income. But someone who lives in Philly or NYC pays state and city taxes on top (in FL we don't pay either; again, effectively raising apparent income).


: well gee whiz cokechic, Scott was unemployed forever and we didnt have squat and i cant work, 42000 would have been a Godsend for us. we would be thankful for that much, heck in my situation i am in now i would be happy to have ANY income... i have none

: 42000 is good money IMO would have kept Scott and i afloat with ease, and maybe even some savings!

: So is that laughable too?

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