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Posted by smells like right guard at ip68-8-129-148.sd.sd.cox.net on August 12, 2003 at 03:24:45:

In Reply to: I wouldn't call it venting.. 'debating' perhaps... posted by ChrisMoses on August 12, 2003 at 03:15:07:

they ran out of bullets in re. they wasted almost all theyre rounds before they found out how to kill the fuckers. most of the military personnel died in the hall way at the beginning, and along went their weapons... if only one survivor at the end of the movie doesnt give you a sense of hopelessness...i dont know what will.
the atmosphere of a movie is what makes it, blair witch wasnt scary, it was nauseating. the ring scared me legitimately, which is something a movie hasnt done since the shining. this movie could have been decent, but it gave the lead role too many 'superpowers'. are we to believe that a delivery boy can do that to a military unit??? singlehanded???? i dont think so bud. and the zombies, while scary cuz they ran fast as hell, they were too far and few in between, and too easy to kill. and they gave away the damn plot twist. they had it going nicely until that martyr blurted it out...

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