I wouldn't call it venting.. 'debating' perhaps...

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Posted by ChrisMoses at adsl-66-137-224-2.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net on August 12, 2003 at 03:15:07:

In Reply to: imagine me not caring about your venting.... posted by smells like right guard on August 12, 2003 at 03:02:32:

Resident Evil was just like any other action movie, except with Zombies. If it was like the game, it might have been good. The game is about hopelessness. You spend half of the game with a pistol and a knife... they had a fucking army. You don't get that sense of hopelessness whenever you're lugging around a fucking bazooka. Also, why do you think the Resident Evil remake for gamecube included the Crimson Heads? The original, slow-moving zombies just aren't scary anymore. There was much more than 8. (SPOILERS!!!)

In all of England, there was only about 15 people left alive... EVERYONE else was dead, or a zombie. Whenever you flood the screen with zombies as Res. Evil did, it takes away from whenever a zombie shows up. They're to be used sparingly. Think about Blair Witch: The whole movie, you never see the evil with lady or whatever. I believe that is taking it to far, but it is the same principal.

Its all about the atmosphere with horror movies my friend. Resident Evil did not have any sense of frightening atmosphere. Fuck, I wouldn't be scared of zombies if I had an unlimited amount of ammo to take them out with.

: resident evil was good cuz it WASNT like the game. the zombies were slow, but the characters had NO FUCKING EXIT AND THE ZOMBIES WERE EVERYWHERE...
: i saw all of about 8 zombies in 28 days. and they werent that scary.
: it was an overhyped indie flick. thats all.
: oh yeah, and the game is all about shooting zombies anyways, so it kind of makes sense that they rip into the living dead with submachine guns...and shes not even really naked.

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