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Posted by Marshal at 12-238-233-67.client.attbi.com on August 11, 2003 at 23:26:41:

In Reply to: A response to the popping response... posted by cokechic on August 11, 2003 at 23:19:22:

: : That's great, I live in Texas as well. (Dallas area)
: I live in Houston... much better than Dallas

*******Holy Shitolee, Houston blows ass. I grew up in Sweeny, Texas, which is south of Houston - you can have that fuckin' humidity and the fuckin' crime rate.

: : I couldn't give two shits about Monkeys, they're very creepy-spooky. The Sky is not blue, it's Vanilla, and it tastes better than that godamn 'Nilla coke.
: Vanilla coke is de-lish.

*****Yea. If you put the Vanilla in it yourself.
: Airheads is not the first movie Adam Sandler starred in, Going Overboard was, and it reaked. Airheads did not suck, it was a product of it's time, and it was really fuckin' funny (my opion).
: Airheads was funny... what the fuck is Going Overboard?

******Going overboard was like an Indie project about Adam Sandler and his buddy working as waiters on a cruise ship, but Mr. Sandler really wanted to be the ships comedy act (imagine that!) It's just not put together well - it's just something you watch because your curious - kinda like a car wreck, or the War coverage on CNN.

: They charge you for refills of Iced Tea in Canada, at least they did at the one place I went to, which was some mock up rendition of a 50's Diner (trying to look like the U.S. again) the shitty Iced Tea they charged me for refills on was that Nestea powder shit. Nobody but fuckin' Canada charges for refills on drinks anymore.
: Chinese restraunts charge for re-fills on everthing.

****Not any Chinese restaurants I go to. Fuck, living in Houston, don't you just walk outside and open your mouth when you're thirsty?

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