A'vast ye swabs!

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Posted by Elfy at ras9-142.dial.metalink.net on August 11, 2003 at 21:22:31:

In Reply to: As I'm in the mood, a short pirate poll posted by Eyes Only on August 11, 2003 at 20:55:58:

: You are in a gang of bloody cutthroat buccaneers...

: 1) What is the name of your gang? The Bloody Wankers.

: 2) Who is your leader and how is he/she known to you? We have no leader. We are on a Round Table where everyone is equal. Equal but dangerous!!!

: 3) Who are the other members of your scurvy crew? (board members if you like)...we eat limes so scurvy is not an option.

: 4) What is the name of your lusty ship?.. The Wayward Hooer

: 5) What emblem flies at your masthead (or on your jackstaff)?.. Wales' flag (we dun stole the ship..arrrrrrrrrr!)

: 6) Name your favourite haunt when not cruising the main in search of, er, booty. .. Breakfast at Denny's.

: 7) What is your gang's motto?... Crotch to Crown, Me Lurvlies!

: 8) What is the most treacherous and bloodthirsty thing you have ever done (squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube does not count)?
.... Killed my piano instructor just to watch him bleed.

: 9) Rate your fearsomeness on a scale of 1 to 17. .....6.2

: 10) Have you ever caught an unexpected glimpse of yourself in the mirror and shit yourself? .... Just when the eye patch is off.

: Arrrrr - go to it, mateys!

: Um - if your answer to 10 is 'NO', then you are most likely not good pirate material. Damnation!

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