Re: He's correct. It will flop, this is why:

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Posted by pilky9o at on August 09, 2003 at 17:10:40:

In Reply to: Re: He's correct. It will flop, this is why: posted by jackman on August 09, 2003 at 17:01:27:

: You like to talk about making an arguement when short-bus types spout off, but can't handle an assessment from anyone with a brain.

I already told you that you r assesment is based solely on your dislike for an actor or actress. And the fact that you are saying this without realizing it makes you a short bus person.

If this is just a "happy talk" site where only approved "bad" celebreties are allowed to be slammed, that needs to be clearly stated.

Well I think you misuinderstood, or perhaps I didn't speak clearly enough, Ben is a staple of View Askew life. Hthis is a view askew web board. By bashing him all you do is make people mad, and then they won't see your point through the clutter of your own hatred.

If your schoolgirl crush on Ben Affleck does not allow you to be objective (here is the part where you accuse me of not being objective), it should not prevent others from making an arguement based on facts.

What facts? You had no facts!! There wasn't a single fact in there!! It was all just opinion!!

Point me to one fucking fact and I will get down on my knees and blow you by way of apology.

The Gigli references I made were solid, and the performance at the BO will either support my statements or refute them. Better yet, the performance of Gigle Jersey Girl will do it even better.

They are two very different films starring an almost completely differnt cast, all accpet for Ben and a small role played by J-lo! SHE IS NOT A STAR IN THIS MOVIE!!

I've got a strong feeling about this one. I think the hightened sensativity of the people on this board with regard to the topic may be a sign that I'm not alone.

I think your strong feeling is based on nothing more than your hatrid for Ben and Jen. You make no valid points. You have no evidence/.

: Jman

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