Re: Nope, is English a second language?

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Posted by pilky9o at on August 09, 2003 at 17:41:40:

In Reply to: Nope, is English a second language? posted by jackman on August 09, 2003 at 17:31:41:

: I'm saying that you have a hidden agenda, namely, you want to blow me. No thanks. Just read my original post. Bennifer/J-Ho/Ben-Lo=box-office poison.

really? Both stars have been in pictures that have made more than 100 million. I'd hate to have their kind of box office numbers, it would be hard to sleep on the solid gold bed.

If the Special Olympics ever decides to have a debate team, you may want to start training hard.

But see you use no facts in your debating, just insults.

: Either way, J-Ho is not alone in box office poison land. Maybe Kevin can get Madonna or Mariah Carey to star in his next movie. I can see the likes of you defending it all the way to the dumpster.

If it was a good movie I certainly would. But then again he only cast J-Lo as a supporting actress. And well Ben has done a good job with Kevin's flicks. Alot of his "bombs" opened up int the top 5, got better returns in the next two weeks, then fell of to some huge blockbusters.

Sometimes, when someone gets really powerful and famous, they forget the little things that made them successful. Or they surround themselves with "Yes Men" (people like yourself) who don't have the balls to tell them they are making mistakes.

what mistakes is he making, other than to cast some one you don't like, but some one that has proven she has draw at the box office.

This is kind've the same thing that led Elvis to think he knew Karate. He was even awarded a black belt. Luckily, he never had to use his "skill" in a real fight. The same can not be said of a director/writer who relies on people to pay their money to attend his movie. There is nowhere to hide. Only time will tell, but I've got a strong hunch...Did you see Goodfellas? Go get your shine box.

I have seen goodfellas, and I wonder what makes you think that your opinion is so much better than mine?

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