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Posted by GTJDorris at on August 05, 2003 at 21:42:21:

In Reply to: Jersey Girl is gonna flop... there is no doubt now posted by lou!!! on August 05, 2003 at 21:14:40:

And I've gotta say I didn't even read this guy's editorial after the article he posted, so that being said....

Is the criticism lack of opening weekend power of "Gigli" going to hurt "Jersey Girl"? In my mind, yes it will. People both love and hate beautiful people of which many seem to think Ben Lo and J. Fleck are. They love to read about them in People and watch the interview on Nightline or whatever it was. But they like to give them shit too and bash their movies, etc. I haven't seen "Gigli" and I won't because it does look really bad. By that same token I'm a huge fan of Kev's and will see anything he is even indirectly associated with. So I do WANT "Jersey Girl" to go big, but I think "Gigli" will hurt it. However, how many films can you think of that ended up making big splashes that weren't initially even a flash in the pan? How about "American Beauty"? I hadn't even heard of that movie until it had been out a month and it was fantastic and cleaned up! That's a movie that succeeded on its own merits and nothing else. So in the end, if Kev's movie is as good as I hear it is.....then it'll be a success critically and financially. If not, and I truly cannot imagine so, then it won't succeed. But what the fuck do I know, huh?

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