Jersey Girl is gonna flop... there is no doubt now

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Posted by lou!!! at on August 05, 2003 at 21:14:40:

Hey you read this guys?
The Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez movie "Gigli" debuted dismally following weeks of toxic
buzz and near-unanimous critical revulsion. The comedy about a gangster who falls in
love with a lesbian rival during a kidnapping earned $3.8 million.

"This is not a shock," said Tom Sherak, a partner in Revolution Studios, which produced
"Gigli" for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

He said constant gossip and tabloid and TV coverage of Affleck and Lopez's real-life
romance may have created a backlash against the picture. "I've seen a lot worse movies,"
Sherak said.

"Hey, is it the best movie ever made? Ehh, I don't think so. ... Other movies have gotten
ravaged by critics and have opened up at least OK. It was more than that," he said.

Although Affleck and Lopez already have completed another movie together writer-
director Kevin Smith's "Jersey Girl" the foul reception of "Gigli" may end the couple's
working relationship.

"They'll continue to be big stars, and chances are they will not work together again and
they shouldn't, by the way," Sherak said.
What's up with Kevin's bad luck? Ever since Dogma. his films have been suffering bad karma
or bad luck or something. Jersey Girl is gonna flop. There is no doubt about it now. Miramax
is not gonna waste money marketing this film if its gonna be D.O.A. And without
marketing it has no chance. Miramax will probably push the film back to February which is
the dumping ground of films that were made before the producers realized they had a flop
on their hands. Just so you know, I like JLo and Ben and I'm sure Jersey Girl will rock
artistically speaking. but lets be honest with ourselves. it's doomed and pretending it's not
is just delusion. Kevin should already table this project and do damage control... move onto
something else. anything! As a fan of Kevin Smith (not to be confused with butt kissing
stalker) I want to know what other fans think could be done to encourage our favorite
director to take a different director. I don't want to see his movies flop. i want to see him
make good films that also earn the respect of hollywood the way of healthy box office. I
want to have a healthy dialogue about this with other fans today. please don't flame this
post with insults or put downs. I'm not trying to put down Kevin. i want him to succeed. hell,
i want him to direct the Daredevil sequel or other cool projects (like a comic book movie or
something). but that shit requires money. and that won't happen if his movies don't make
money. any thoughts or constructive criticism?
honestly, i hope this board was made so that we can have constructive dialogues that may
enhance the view askew community. a critical pov is an essential component for a filmmaker
(that is if he and his fans are willing to learn from such criticism). what can be done to
improve kevin's films or prevent him from making another disasterous decision like casting
Ben and JLo in the same film (again, read above)! LIke I said, don't return this post with
insults. insulting me won't help kevin make successful films. but constructive dialogues
couldn't hurt either.



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