Re: Listen the only reason I am shoeless is you

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Posted by adamapple at on May 04, 2002 at 06:07:06:

In Reply to: Re: Listen the only reason I am shoeless is you posted by Stormin Norman on May 04, 2002 at 05:49:15:

: : decided to shit in them, film it and go ZOWIE. Obviously it was humorous in some way, because Ihaven't sween the footage or my shoes since.

: ooooh! good one. dork.

Wow, I am unimpressed. DOrk? COuldnt you at least have thrown in a a sound effect.

: : I can't fucking believe I complimented you at V3.

: Did I see you at V3??? You must not have made a good impression because I don't remember it. You must be one of those people that gets billed in the credits of a movie as "guard #2" Or "yellow tie guy".

Well, I guess that would at least get me into the SAG. Funny you don't recall me, as I was the only person I saw all day who said they liked your Ben Affleck shrot and you held onto my hand when we shook like a man desparately clamoring for attention, or a fan.

: : As for me, I own my own home theater set up and studio too! I can project an 8 foot image and THX qquality sound in my house.

: Wow! Want a medal? I would guess that many people have a simular set up. But if it makes you feel
: better, I think you should be nominated for Red Neck of the year. Shit all you need now is a Banjo and then change your name to Bubba or something.

Redneck, good one. Yep plenty of rednecks in Baltimore City. Posting on Kevin Smith boards. With a black boyfriend. And who know how to spell THX. And built the system themselves. Good one.

: : You, on the other hand, shit on a cracker, hand it to people and call it a masterpiece of comedy. I seem to recall you saying you were the Andy Kaufman of the board. You know, that can't be correct, Andy did outrageous FUNNY stuff. Your affinity for onomatopoeias as comedy makes you less like Andy Kaufman and more like .....

: : well, you.

: If you had a clue, you'd be dangerous. You need to re-examine Andy Kaufman and figure out what his motivation was. You got it all wrong, Simpleton.

You know dick about Kaufman. He made people uncomfortable, made them think and made some of them wish he would just go away. Billed as more of a behavioral scientist than a comedian, his late in life antics were inspired, wheras yours are derivative and unfunny. Although I guess if trying to get responses from us on the webboard like "You suck" is your attempt at studying peoples reactions, way to go, Mr. Clifton.


: : I tried to think of a famous person who was as unfunny and as bitter and as untalented, but then I realized, no one is famous, unfunny and bitter.

: Wrong. There are 2 Bob Sagget and Brian Lynch.

No I said famous unfunny and bitter. Just like you are, except minus the famous part.
: : When I do make a movie, I have already decided what my first short film will be. It will mostly be an inside joke to most people here on the board, but I think you will get it.

: : It's called Stormin Norman and the Search for A Fucking Clue.

: : Adam

: Use my name to make your movie popular. It'd work. But the fact remains, Spanky, you STILL have not made any. You sit there and dream about it and I will still be doing it and making a living at it.

Only on this board.

: As a matter of fact my footage of G. Bush in Japan was on CNN. I filmed him going in to a resturant and talking to people in there.
: CNN bought it from me.

I have two words for you, George Holliday. He recorded the Rodney King footage and sold it. It didn't make him a professional filmmaker and it doesn't qualify you for the title either.

Getting paid for it does, like, say, Brian Lynch.


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