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Posted by Templar248 at on May 04, 2002 at 05:51:10:

Well, I'd just like to start by stating that I am the biggest fan of the holy quadilogy of the View Askewniverse. In case you're wondering whether or not I've come out from under the proverbial rock and heard about "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", the answer is a resounding 'Yes, but I was disappointed'.

Disappointed, you say? But why? For starters, Kevin Smith's films have a distinctive humor to them: dialouge and vocabulary. Many people look at Mallrats and say "Well shit, I've seen the Three Stooges. So what?" But those are the same people who don't watch the film 2 or 3 times at a sitting with the sub-titles turned on to catch all the hidden jokes. Sure it's slap-sticky (and yes, I've no life), but if you look hard enough, and are patient enough, and have a little bit of intelligence, you find those gold nuggets that make the movie HILARIOUS. Anybody ever caught the 'Junior Masters & Johnson' reference in Mallrats? It took me a while to understand it.

But J&SB:SB? All slap-sticky. Kevin Smith decided to give the dynamic duo a movie of their own. Which is cool, I guess. But that movie is naturally going to be assinine. Brodie's witty conversations, Bankie's argumentative attitude, TS's constant pining, and Holden's confused outlook on reality are missing. What are they replaced with? Jay saying "bong" (or some variation of 'bong') every 15 minutes, and Silent Bob playing the faithful but hesitant lap-dog to the prior. Sure there are funny moments (I'll never forget 'Fuck beans!'), but they weren't 'dialogue funny'. Just stupid, 'I hit him on the head' funny.

Bring on the flames! But please, no 'you speeled this werd rong!' or 'Shut up, you poser!' flames. I consider any serious fan of Kevin Smith comedy to be atleast somewhat sophisticated. At least as much as the monkey.


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