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Posted by pixies chick at on April 27, 2002 at 11:01:04:

I'm posting this to you on the advise of other posters & friends.
I'm interested in which comics you read in the years before you first started writing your screenplays.

I have a theory (posted here for any English major looking for a thesis) that Thor was one of them. Not that it is Thor remade perfectly in your stories, but rather that the themes in the comics my have been an early influence, in particular, in writing Dogma. ******SPOILERS*******

-- Thor originally was exiled because he did not oppose his father's enemy (Bartleby & Loki exiled when Loki said he wasn't going to kill people anymore. Azrael sent to hell for not fighting in God's battle against Lucifer.)
-- Thor and Loki had to pass time on earth.
(Bartleby & Loki confined to earth. Rufus frequently banished. Azrael sent to hell.)
-- Thor and Loki are troubled by their relationship with their father. Loki in particular is jealous.
(Bartleby & Loki originally rebelled, then were isolated from their Father. Bartleby becomes consumed with jealousy of God's love for humanity.)
-- Thor and Loki's father is a Sky God, Odin.
-- Odin likes to take on disguises. He likes to fool people & surprise them.
(Metatron says God has a great sense of humor. God likes to take on human form, play skeeball, give away the tickets.)
-- Thor and Loki, although they are adopted brothers, battle each other. Thor has to protect Aasgard from Loki.
(Bartleby and Loki are in it together - until Loki realizes that Bartleby's plan will result in the unmaking of creation. Loki prepares to fight Bartleby, and is killed by him.)
-- Surtur, created before humanity or the 9 worlds, is the entity who is trying to destroy the universe itself. Loki has a complex relationship with him. Loki sometimes acts in ways that assist Surtur.
(Azrael, a demon, is the one who actually wants to destroy existence. He's using Bartleby and Loki to accomplish it.)
-- Death, storming the heavens, crossing thresholds, becoming human, afterlife, duty, and isolation played out on earth and in other realms (Aasgard, Hel, Hell, Heaven) are common to both.
-- Thor's weapon is a hammer.
(Silent Bob swings the blessed golf club at Azrael in the same manner that Thor handles Mjolnir, the magic hammer - swinging it to the side.)

AND, just a quote I found that seems to go w/a common theme in your writing:
"But Tiwaz, there is so much about my father that is hidden from me. In truth, I am not even sure about his origin...
...and who am I if I do not know my father?" -- Thor, #355.

Ok, maybe a case can be built for other comics that are just as good, or better than this one. I'd like to think that there's something to this. If you would somehow indicate if there is, I'd be much appreciative.

I look forward to your future work with Spiderman. If it is half as good as Green Arrow, I'll be lining up at Big Brain Comics waiting....

Thanks - for everything.
Guess you'd have to call me a fan.

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