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Posted by pixies chick at on April 29, 2002 at 07:29:09:

In Reply to: Priests and their penises,news at 11 posted by MickCollins: on April 29, 2002 at 00:28:54:

: : I haven't really seen nor heard any talk on the board about the
: shitstorm Catholics are going through and what Kevin thinks about it
: all.:::::

: I'm Catholic and no one has been sending lightning fecal streams at
: me. Guess cuz I never fucked a pre-teen. Not that I did'nt try, its just
: they move real quick.

: I mean, this, to the guy who is a big fan of clergy molestation humor,
: seems like comic gold. Of course, comedy is tragidy plus time. ::::

: Comedy is amusing when it ain't about you.

: Looks like these past few months have been more damaging to the
: Church than its laisse-faire attitude about Nazism and that whole
: thing with the Spanish Inquisition. :::

: Ohh,ohhh, a history fan. The Spanish Inquisition was called by
: Queen Isabella and her hubby the King, the Spanish church backed
: them. And cut them some slack, The Muslims had been in control of
: most of Spain for centuries and the locals were pissed.Does'nt justify
: it,though. And I believe, when asked, the Pope ok'ed it. Lots of popes
: were bastards,however. Papal infallibility was'nt doctrine until the late
: 1800's. And the Laissez Faire Nazism thing is a crock of shit. Anyone
: who thinks the Pope (Cant remember which one) could have
: stopped Hitler is a fucking idiot, Hitler hated Catholics by the time he
: decided to start Webber-grilling his German brethren. If the Pope
: said shit, then German Catholics(there were a whole shitload of
: them) would have ended up getting "kilt", as the say in Alabama.
: German Priests and nuns ended up getting SSanitized as well.

: And about the child molesting thing, It pains me that such awful
: shit happend while fuckers like Bernard Law knew what was going
: down. The fact that he won't quit shows how much of a douchebag
: he is. And I also feel bad because I think there are some priests who
: may be innocent. Anyone in the midwest remember Cardinal
: Bernadin? He was accused by some guy of molesting the dude as a
: kid. Bernadin was a fucking saint, and the media crucified him. A few
: months later, the guy came out and said it was bullshit. His shrink
: had "influenced" him into making the claims. Still, there are evil guys
: who are priests, and the Church has to just let them go. Ex-
: Communicate them and let them go to jail. And then have beefy
: prison Catholics beat them every day, because fucking kids is evil.
: And letting priests get married does'nt answer the question. I'm
: single, not getting laid, and I have no inclination to try and get laid in
: the playskool aisle at Toys R Us. Pedophiles are
: pedophiles,predators who need to be put down.

SOUNDS to me like you have taken everything that's come at your faith and dealt with it in a very healthy way, without ignoring it, and admitting the good & bad.
Now, have you considered searching your heart for a vocation? Because your church may need more guys like you. I mean, you are single and not getting laid, why not get your mom that "get into heaven free" card?

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