Priests and their penises,news at 11

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Posted by MickCollins: at on April 29, 2002 at 00:28:54:

In Reply to: Catholic Crisis an issue on the board? posted by LeonardoLeonardo on April 28, 2002 at 23:09:58:

: I haven't really seen nor heard any talk on the board about the
shitstorm Catholics are going through and what Kevin thinks about it

I'm Catholic and no one has been sending lightning fecal streams at
me. Guess cuz I never fucked a pre-teen. Not that I did'nt try, its just
they move real quick.

I mean, this, to the guy who is a big fan of clergy molestation humor,
seems like comic gold. Of course, comedy is tragidy plus time. ::::

Comedy is amusing when it ain't about you.

Looks like these past few months have been more damaging to the
Church than its laisse-faire attitude about Nazism and that whole
thing with the Spanish Inquisition. :::

Ohh,ohhh, a history fan. The Spanish Inquisition was called by
Queen Isabella and her hubby the King, the Spanish church backed
them. And cut them some slack, The Muslims had been in control of
most of Spain for centuries and the locals were pissed.Does'nt justify
it,though. And I believe, when asked, the Pope ok'ed it. Lots of popes
were bastards,however. Papal infallibility was'nt doctrine until the late
1800's. And the Laissez Faire Nazism thing is a crock of shit. Anyone
who thinks the Pope (Cant remember which one) could have
stopped Hitler is a fucking idiot, Hitler hated Catholics by the time he
decided to start Webber-grilling his German brethren. If the Pope
said shit, then German Catholics(there were a whole shitload of
them) would have ended up getting "kilt", as the say in Alabama.
German Priests and nuns ended up getting SSanitized as well.

And about the child molesting thing, It pains me that such awful
shit happend while fuckers like Bernard Law knew what was going
down. The fact that he won't quit shows how much of a douchebag
he is. And I also feel bad because I think there are some priests who
may be innocent. Anyone in the midwest remember Cardinal
Bernadin? He was accused by some guy of molesting the dude as a
kid. Bernadin was a fucking saint, and the media crucified him. A few
months later, the guy came out and said it was bullshit. His shrink
had "influenced" him into making the claims. Still, there are evil guys
who are priests, and the Church has to just let them go. Ex-
Communicate them and let them go to jail. And then have beefy
prison Catholics beat them every day, because fucking kids is evil.
And letting priests get married does'nt answer the question. I'm
single, not getting laid, and I have no inclination to try and get laid in
the playskool aisle at Toys R Us. Pedophiles are
pedophiles,predators who need to be put down.

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