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Posted by PerfectIdiot23 at on April 27, 2002 at 16:00:14:


Any subculture and genre based on underground militancy CAN'T be culturally significant. The laws of physics prohibit it. If it was culturally significant, it would violate the punk code or whatever strict line of rules the soldiers and recruits follow... and wouldn't be punk.
Besides, nobody gives a fuck about punk. The Ramones and the Sex Pistols affected rock and roll, but that was BEFORE the actual movement. For the last 30 years, punk has been a stupid little genre misguided teenagers listins to. For the most part, it all sounds the same. It hasn't affected society or music's general direction in ANY WAY.

Grunge came out of glam metal. Nu-Metal came out of Hip Hop and Metal. Pop obviously wasn't affected by punk. Only pop-punk and alternative, the two most annoying music genres around right now, were directly affected by punk. Punk is meaningless.

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