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Posted by SarcasticBastard at on April 16, 2002 at 02:37:38:

In Reply to: as a devout Spider-man fan . . . posted by NJStatuteSection2A170/51 on April 16, 2002 at 02:29:57:

Stop being angry, the mobie looks great

Biological webbing... a cool idea, and used in Spiderman 2099 if your up on your comics. Plus he's probably going to use a device on his wrist to help regulate it

I had home ec, i can probably sew a costume, ESPECIALLY if I had just become a Superhero and was really excited

And does it make sense that a smart person would ride around on a flying wing in a teched out specially designed flight suit instead of a rubber costume... yes it does

why don you hope for the best and be a glass is half full person for once.

: and please note his name has a hyphen!!!!!! I think the movie will be a let down. Good old Sam made wrong choices. Biological webbing? Yeah, ok Sam..i guess the audience will buy the whole "boy gets sipder powers thing" but not the fact that he could make web fluid. I guess we can count on his sewing skills for that costume then. Yeah the everage man van sew a costume on demand. And the Green Goblin just looks sad. And dont eve get me started on Dunst. Ok, Keaton got a lot of flack too... maybe they will prove me wrong. I doubt it though. Hell MArvel pissed me off so bad with that clone shit. Why should i trust a screenplay?

: oh and i dont care what anyone says the Bendis shit isnt that great.

: : Is Spiderman going to be any good? I have not been keeping up.

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