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Posted by Queen Nothing at on April 16, 2002 at 00:35:56:

In Reply to: Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep On Shining posted by Kevin on April 15, 2002 at 18:07:54:

I was at Kevin's Lexington show earlier tonight and I must say that I had a great time. Unfortunately, I absolutely had to leave at 11:30 pm because I have a class presentation in about twelve hours. I'd be wiling to bet that the show is actually still going on while I'm stuck at the library working on my project. Lucky me. The show could not have been on a worse night for me, but I just could not bring myself to pass it up. I mean, when was I ever going to get a chance to see Kevin Smith again? If anyone who was at the Lexington show reads this, please post a reply and let me know if I missed anything spectacular (I'm sure I did). I'm also curious to know what time the show ended. Anyway, Kevin was hilarious. My only regret is that I didn't ask for a hug. I'm out. --Andrea

Note to Kevin: I love your work and your show suprassed my expectations. Try to enjoy Changing Lanes at Lexington Green. . . I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

: Anyone going to the University of Kentucky show tonight? I think I might.

: Beautiful country, this. Actually, the immediate area of Lexington that
: I'm in is right up my alley: strip malls, movie theaters, and decent
: hotels. Granted, one can see that almost anywhere in America, but that's
: what I'm all about: geographical generic sameness. It makes me feel safe.

: So let's see, what's been going on? Last week, I popped by the "Daredevil"
: set again, this time solely as a looky-loo, and what I saw, I loved. The
: DD costume is pretty fucking bad-ass. T'was awesome to see it,
: particularly in the setting (Josie's Bar, for those of you into the
: comics). I cannot wait to see this flick - with or without my scene. One
: of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite characters. Color me a
: geeky fan-boy.

: Speaking of being a geeky fan-boy, the Sci-Fi Channel asked me to host
: another "Star Wars" Fan-Film special. Those of you who lurked or posted
: pre-"Jay and Silent Bob" might remember the first Sci-Fi "Star Wars"
: special I hosted from the Secret Stash, about two years ago. Well this
: time, we taped the thing at "Star Wars"
: uber-enthusiast/chronicler/collector Stephen Sansweet's museum out near
: Skywalker Ranch. You wouldn't believe this place - literally every piece
: of "Star Wars" merchandising is accounted for, as well as artwork, props
: from the movies, promotional tie-ins, and costumes. It was mind-bending to
: stroll down memory lane with all the toys and fringe licensed products (the
: Dixie Cups I had for years in our kitchen cabinet, because I wouldn't let
: anybody use them; the Yoda tin bank with combination lock that, in my high
: school years, would be home to the first joint I was ever given). Not sure
: when the show's going to air, but I'll give you a head's-up when they tell
: me the dates.

: Saw the commercials we shot a few weeks ago, all edited and whatnot. Very
: cool.

: But I guess the big news is that Miramax gave "Jersey Girl" the green light
: - which really only means they've started cash-flowing the flick. It's a
: small and not very surprising point, but cool nonetheless. We are now
: official.

: Hope to see some of you tonight, and others of you Wednesday night, in
: Cincinnati.

: And as soon as I can, I'll hip you all to some "Jersey Girl" casting stuff.
: Some interesting and cool stuff is afoot.

: ********************
: *********************
: *******************

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