Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep On Shining

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Posted by Kevin at on April 15, 2002 at 18:07:54:

Anyone going to the University of Kentucky show tonight? I think I might.

Beautiful country, this. Actually, the immediate area of Lexington that
I'm in is right up my alley: strip malls, movie theaters, and decent
hotels. Granted, one can see that almost anywhere in America, but that's
what I'm all about: geographical generic sameness. It makes me feel safe.

So let's see, what's been going on? Last week, I popped by the "Daredevil"
set again, this time solely as a looky-loo, and what I saw, I loved. The
DD costume is pretty fucking bad-ass. T'was awesome to see it,
particularly in the setting (Josie's Bar, for those of you into the
comics). I cannot wait to see this flick - with or without my scene. One
of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite characters. Color me a
geeky fan-boy.

Speaking of being a geeky fan-boy, the Sci-Fi Channel asked me to host
another "Star Wars" Fan-Film special. Those of you who lurked or posted
pre-"Jay and Silent Bob" might remember the first Sci-Fi "Star Wars"
special I hosted from the Secret Stash, about two years ago. Well this
time, we taped the thing at "Star Wars"
uber-enthusiast/chronicler/collector Stephen Sansweet's museum out near
Skywalker Ranch. You wouldn't believe this place - literally every piece
of "Star Wars" merchandising is accounted for, as well as artwork, props
from the movies, promotional tie-ins, and costumes. It was mind-bending to
stroll down memory lane with all the toys and fringe licensed products (the
Dixie Cups I had for years in our kitchen cabinet, because I wouldn't let
anybody use them; the Yoda tin bank with combination lock that, in my high
school years, would be home to the first joint I was ever given). Not sure
when the show's going to air, but I'll give you a head's-up when they tell
me the dates.

Saw the commercials we shot a few weeks ago, all edited and whatnot. Very

But I guess the big news is that Miramax gave "Jersey Girl" the green light
- which really only means they've started cash-flowing the flick. It's a
small and not very surprising point, but cool nonetheless. We are now

Hope to see some of you tonight, and others of you Wednesday night, in

And as soon as I can, I'll hip you all to some "Jersey Girl" casting stuff.
Some interesting and cool stuff is afoot.


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