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Posted by MoobyGoldenCalf at on April 17, 2002 at 15:38:39:

In Reply to: be fair posted by sean on April 17, 2002 at 13:48:28:

Excelent points. I have a soft spot for Venom myself. I don't read comics but after watching the spidey series I just HAD to learn more about this Venom guy so I read a series of Venom. Why he struck me as a great comic hero/villan (he's sketchy on which he is) is that he had morals. He wasnt on some bloodlust just because he was evil. And also it added the element that Eddy was a part of Venom not just his host.

: His motive for killing Spider-Man was that both he and Eddie Brock had a deep-seeded hatred for the webslinger, based partially on Brock's slightly psychotic temper. The idea that (a) an entire character could stem from a shitty, stupid old "let's give the hero a new costume so he'll have a new look" idea, (b) the Spider-sense didn't work on him (though Ben Reilly's did), and (c) he wound up being more than just a crazy guy with a lot of power [which is what Carnage wound up being used as], but instead had morals and such ... I don't know, I feel like they did a lot of interesting stuff with the whole doppelganger idea that gets done to death in comics, but rarely as well as Spider-Man & Venom. Hell, they even tried to make Spider-Man's evil (Infinity War) doppelganger part of the whole Venom / Carnage thing, if I remember Maximum Carnage correctly, just so they could show a shitty version of the doppelganger idea (I think he even wound up becoming the sidekick to Hobgoblin's evil doppelganger).

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