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Posted by Kiss lt at on April 17, 2002 at 06:04:41:

In Reply to: Episode 2 Leaked Script and Much Disappointment posted by god2450 on April 17, 2002 at 05:23:27:


: When reading it there was no part where i got that feeling, "Oh shit! Luke is Vaders Father?".

Good. A prequel basically assumes you know the basic story. Get over it.

: There was no real cliff hanger so to speak.


: There were a few scenes felt like they were plagerized from Empire but without the feeling.

From his own work. Plagerized. Interesting. How you came up with that is a fucking mystery. Lucas uses his own storyline to create backstory? Plagerized. Interesting.

: Dont read below!

: Someone looses a hand.

People must really hate you, huh?

: There are some intresting parts and we will have to see if the love story aspect will play out but all in all from what ive read. Im really pissed.

You haven't even seen the movie or have even read the real script. Be pissed at what you want, while we enjoy you fuming over the fact that in episode II, Yoda has one wrinkle that was never there in Empire.
"Where's the extra wrinkle?!" you cry. "Where's the extra goddamn winkle?!!!!!!!!!"

: I so wanted Ep 2 to beat out empire for my favorite.

So wait to see the fucking movie.

: I feel betrayed becasue i told myself that after Phantom came out i defended the new series to all the non beleivers that Ep 2 was going to rock...

Was this before or after you waited to see how others responded before jumping on the opinion bandwagon?

: just you wait. Now im sitting here wishing that they never made the damn film at all.

After reading a fake script. Sad.

: One single good side note out of all this- Jar Jar has been effectively cut out of the film. And we get to see more yoda.

Jar Jar is pretty much one of the jumping points for the fall of the Jedi. Fuck you. You know nothing. The Lightsabre fight featuring Yoda looks awkward, but hey, he's three fucking feet tall.

: Anyway sorry to ruin the party.

What party?

: I really hope this script i read has some crucial scene cut out of it and thats where the plot twist is...

Or maybe you should realize that nobody who has that kind of clearance to the script would take the time to transcribe it and not get paid. It was fanfic with a dash of the trailers kicked in there. Why would you think you ran into something of this magnitude on the internet?

: becasue if not this could end up sucking more than the "ewok adventures" video.

I hear the script for "Ewok Adventures: Feature Length, Yet Half-Pint" will be leaked soon. Keep that keen detective skill at the ready for that little gem, my good man.

: -Inacker

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