Episode 2 Leaked Script and Much Disappointment

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Posted by god2450 at host-115-104-220-24.midco.net on April 17, 2002 at 05:23:27:

Dearest Posters-

Just read through the Newest Episode 2 Leaked script and it seems to me that this is the real deal. Its over 100 pages long and follows all the info provided so far and reads like a real screen play. Very much unlike the obviosly fake scripts out there which are 30 pages and only have lines which were released in the trailer. Its either a very very elaborate hoax or i just read Episode 2.

Heres my problem. Its easy to find on the web so im not going to let loose any spoilers- but i will say this... If this is the actual script fanboys are going to shit a brick when they see the movie. Its as if george lucas has lost his fucking mind. When reading it there was no part where i got that feeling, "Oh shit! Luke is Vaders Father?". There was no real cliff hanger so to speak. There were a few scenes felt like they were plagerized from Empire but without the feeling.

Dont read below!

Someone looses a hand.

There are some intresting parts and we will have to see if the love story aspect will play out but all in all from what ive read. Im really pissed. I so wanted Ep 2 to beat out empire for my favorite. I feel betrayed becasue i told myself that after Phantom came out i defended the new series to all the non beleivers that Ep 2 was going to rock... just you wait. Now im sitting here wishing that they never made the damn film at all.

One single good side note out of all this- Jar Jar has been effectively cut out of the film. And we get to see more yoda.

Anyway sorry to ruin the party. I really hope this script i read has some crucial scene cut out of it and thats where the plot twist is... becasue if not this could end up sucking more than the "ewok adventures" video.


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