Missing sequence in JaSB Strike Back?

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Posted by gcpolsen at 12-252-131-179.client.attbi.com on April 17, 2002 at 02:51:26:

I'm not sure if anyone else even noticed, but in the photo section of the 2nd dvd, there is a shot of Jay and Silent Bob stomping some woman who seemed to be washing her car in her driveway. While I will always maintain that Kevin is brilliant, I have to question his statement on the dvd that it included every clip which was cut from the movie. Any chance of this clip being downloadable from the site? Thank you, View Askew, for the thousands of laughs that you have provided me and my hetero lifemates. Your movies have provided us with quotes for just about any occasion... I refered to my boss as "clown shoes" just this afternoon.


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