I think the statement was properly used

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Posted by 17 of 37 at on April 17, 2002 at 03:42:57:

In Reply to: well kiss it... posted by andysith on April 17, 2002 at 03:27:09:

I think the implication is "clown shoes" means "a simple stupid joke". Therefore, the "clown shoes" can be plural, while implying something singular, the "joke" itself. By calling his boss "clown shoes" he is saying that he is a "joke". I wasnt there for the incident myself, but this is my feeling on the appropriateness of the phrase.

ps. what the fuck am i doing with my life. gbye

: it's a point of view. but my understanding of it was, if you take the whole quote 'you're fucking clown shoes'... i.e to fuck clown shoes implies stupidity on the point of the clown-shoe fucker cos it's a stupid thing to do..

: in which case, the plurality of clown shoes could be seen to be correct..

: however, this only works if you are using the full quote... merely to call one's boss 'clown shoes' is not only something that makes no sense in itself but also suggests that the person who tried to insult his boss with such a phrase are in themselves fucking clown-shoes

: i think?

: : Clown Shoes is plural. To call ONE boss "clown shoes" butchers the hole phrase completely. Your boss is a clown shoe. Congrats! Your boss now knows you can't understand simple logistics in the english language. You'll be fired in no time. Ha-hoy!

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