you know, I can sorta relate to this...

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Posted by GuinnessGuy(poolboy) at on April 11, 2002 at 10:28:12:

In Reply to: Inlaw advice please *OT* posted by NigelTufnel on April 11, 2002 at 10:13:32:

I have an Uncle who is, shall we say...fuck it, the man is lazy. He is also always broke, for the most part because he drinks too much and smokes pot ALL the time. Now the man can do wonders with concrete....when he is sober. Now he lost his drivers license a few years back because he liked to drink and drive. So I was pressed into taking time off work to help him get to his job site and make some money so he could pay his legal expenses. My grandfather had left me his old car in his will. It was a Pontiac T1000. A chevette for the most part and it was a POS. But it was given to me. My family decided to let him use it until he had the money to buy a truck. So he packs the concrete equipment in this small ass fucking car, and who has to drive him around...ME! And do I get paid for the help, hells no. The man is in his late 50's and still lives with my Grandmother.

So my advice, be honest. Let your girl know that her sis needs to work on getting her own set of wheels to get around and stop depending on the help from others. Doing that after the age of 14 is just sad. I know things happen from time to time, and to borrow a car in that case is just fine. But borrowing it a lot and putting a lot of miles on are being more than kind my friend.


PS, my Uncle called me yesterday asking for a urine sample because he is trying to get a new job. So here we are on the phone talking about how we can get the temp to the right level so the testing people don't know. Finally I said, you know what I am not helping you, here is a big idea, STOP SMOKING FUCKING POT!

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