Inlaw advice please *OT*

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Posted by NigelTufnel at on April 11, 2002 at 10:13:32:

My fiances sister is not your ideal inlaw, she's always broke, she's in her late 30's, while we're in our mid 20's, and every fucking day she seems to need to borrow our 2nd car, it's a piece of shit, and I now look at every mile it gives us as a blessing, but it is OUR 2nd car. A while back she borrowed it and returned it with a huge dent in the bumper, denied that she had any knowledge of it and actually even got mad at me for bringing it up. My fiance even believes (at least she says she does) that maybe someone hit her while she was parked and never even noticed. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! (by the way, she never got the dent fixed and has yet to even show any effort to do so) I understand that this is part of my new "family", but when is enough enough? I look it as every mile she drives in it, is one less that we will have it for. But the fiance still insists on lending it to her EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE ASKS, and it's never for a little jaunt to the market, it's a fucking haul, half way across Massachusetts. Am I overreacting? Do I have to deal with this and stay quiet? Should I be as outraged as I am? What should I do? Every time I express my feelings as to how I think it's pathetic, she just gets more mad at me. Sorry for the venting, but I need help.

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